Winter - 2007
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-Mockumentary Plays At Film Festival-
In August of 2006, Holy Rollin':  The True Life Story of Poplar Creek Church of God, Jesus, & the Holy Ghost, appeared at the 3rd Annual Atlanta Underground Film Festival.  The mockumentary appeared in the 'Ridiculous
Religious Reality' block of films. 
The audience response was very receptive and a local Atlanta blogger even claimed Holy Rollin' was his favorite, saying: “ personal favorite, a 'mockumentary' about some people trying to build the biggest mega-church in the land.”
This production is a mockumentary of a genuine faux church located in Boomer, Georgia.  For more information on the church visit their official website

-Poplar Creek Church Growing In Popularity-
Our Poplar Creek Church of God, Jesus, & the Holy Ghost project is growing in popularity thanks in part to the following:
Our myspace page, blog, podcast (The Old Time Worship Hour), and youtube videos (Revival Rants With the Masked Evangelists Featuring Brother #2). 
We have received many positive comments about the project, which can be seen here
There have also been two songs made that feature audio clips of Associate Pastor-Reverend Zebulon Wilcox ranting and raving on various topics. 
One song is by Scholar, a Metaphysical Rapper out of the Las Vegas area.  The other was produced by Star 156 Production.  The two songs can be found here and here.   

-Cthulhu Meditation-
In September we posted Cthulhu Meditation on our youtube page and as of the end of November 2006, it has been viewed 2,536 times and has received numerous comments.  A selection of these comments are as follows: 
“Wow, this is some heavy stuff!”
“Truly terrifying.”
“You have succeeded in freaking me out, good work.”  
This motion picture of short duration was produced by Blue Deer Productions, LLC and was directed by a rising star in the occult community known by the name of Frater Tanranin Uhcheek Gozaknee, 222.  To see more creative work by this intriguing individual check out his first book, "The Red Planet Arrives". The link to purchase this book can be found on his website
According to Frater Tanranin Uhcheek Gozaknee, 222 the movie is:
“Designed to be a meditation tool for occultists who are working with the Cthulhu Mythos.”
(a picture of Poplar Creek Church of God, Jesus, & the Holy Ghost)
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Winter - 2009
We are proud to announce our latest project under the Blue Deer umbrella.
R.Stilt.Art is an art gallery located in Carrollton, Georgia.  The gallery's first show is scheduled for Saturday, March 7th 2009.

                                     (a look inside